Since its inception in 1975 Colombo Law Society has been providing various services to its members and other lawyers. Apart from traditional services rendered, with the outbreak of COVID -19 pandemic in February 2020, Colombo Law Society has provided yeomen service to its members and the lawyers who frequent Court Complexes in Colombo with preventive and safety hygiene measures. It is our paramount concern to safeguard our members and create a safe and secure environment for them to practice.

CLS Secretarial service

CLS Secretariat is located at the High Court Complex at Hulftsdorp. CLS staff is ready to provide the members with secretarial service to its members from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on weekdays. Any inquiry regarding issues faced by members and the activities of CLS are attended to swiftly.

CLS Cafeteria and Lounge

CLS has provided the Lounge facility to its members to relax after a busy day's practice. The lounge is situated adjoining the CLS Secretariat. It has ample reading, relaxing facilities. CLS cafeteria adjoining the CLS Lounge provides its members and all other lawyers who frequent Hulftsdorp with all three meals and snacks. Cafeteria is open from 8 am to 5 pm every weekday.

COVID -19 preventive measures

Since the first COVIS 19 wave in March 2020 CLS has been disinfecting the Courthouses and Court premises in Hulftsdorp continuously. Initially the project started as a joint effort with Colombo Law Library. Apart from disinfection CLS has provided all High Courts, Commercial High Court and District Courts courthouses with thermometers. CLS has also provided ample hand washing and sanitizing facilities to all lawyers, staff and public. Our efforts have build confidence in lawyers , staff and public to come to Courts in Colombo.

COVID 19 Vaccination for members

CLS participated in two successful programs to vaccinate its members. In line with the government health guidelines CLS pioneered to prepare Guidelines for the conduct of Courts during the first wave itself. Since the first wave CLS has been disinfecting the Colombo Courthouses daily. All members are advised to strictly follow the health guidelines

Continuing Legal Education program

Virtual Court Hearing Assistance

CLS CBA Affinity Card, Hospital Facilities and other welfare facilities

CLS Webinar Series

CLS Friend in Need Project