Colombo Law Society

The 25th day of July in the year 1975 saw the genesis of the Colombo Law Society (CLS) which was the forerunner to the now apex body of the Legal Fraternity, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL). Having been conferred branch status of the BASL the CLS, with its four thousand strong memberships, is the largest and most prestigious regional organization of the legal fraternity.
With the primary objective of safeguarding the rights and privileges of its members and advancing the best interest of the legal profession the CLS has rendered yeoman service. Its members consist of practitioners of the two main branches of the Law, being Civil and Criminal, both in the official and unofficial Bar. The CLS also counts among its members distinguished legal luminaries, members of the Judiciary and the Legislature.
CLS is governed by a 40 member committee elected annually. The incumbent president, Mr. Sanjeewa Dasanayake Attorney-at-Law, is the 30th president of the society.
In furtherance of its objectives, CLS also actively endeavours to;
- maintain the honor and independence of the Bar,
- promote and protect the interest, welfare, rights, and privileges of the Bar and,
- promote good relations and cooperation between the Bar and the public, the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive of the Republic

President's Message

Mr. Sanjeewa Dasanayake


I consider it my honour to be elected as President of the prestigious Colombo Law Society (CLS) which is the oldest professional body in the Legal Fraternity. I am humbled by the trust and confidence placed in me by the four thousand strong membership, which I am privileged to serve as President.
The office was bestowed on me at a time of unprecedented challenges posed by Covid 19, economic strife, political turmoil and general distress to the public. Maintaining the Rule of Law and endeavouring amidst all challenges to meet the requirements of the membership and the expectations of the people in the delivery of justice was, to say the least, daunting.
Since assuming office, my committee and I have relentlessly forged ahead with realizing our goals in creating a more perfect working environment for lawyers, enhancing the professional dignity of our members, and furthering legal education for all lawyers, with particular emphasis being placed on tackling issues faced by junior members of the profession.
I assure you that we will unwaveringly continue to stand for and strive for the maintenance of the Rule of Law and make committed efforts in achieving the greater welfare of our members.

Become a member of the
Colombo Law Society

If you are an Attorney - at - Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, you can become a member of Colombo Law Society. You may apply for Life Membership or the Ordinary Membership which is only valid for a period of one year. Further details are in the Application Forms or do not hesitate to contact CLS Secretariat for details.